What our clients say ;)

"Their team made it a point to understand the product, and ensured that it was consistent with the fundamental aspects of our system. They listened to our comments - and made sure that each design worked on and off line. It was a pleasure dealing with Dragonfly. "

Dr. Eric Glover,


web development

Web development helps your Website do more than just display text and images. It allows your site to run functions, process data, automate tasks, store information and much more. It makes your site smarter, and more productive.

We treat development as an extension of your online business needs. Something that's a solution to what's needed today, while planning for tomorrow. Smart development is part of the creative process and requires experience, skill, and an open mind to understand the objectives.

We've used many development languages over the last 16 years, but have settled on open source PHP to develop the bulk of our work. PHP allows us unlimited flexibility and resources. Our development experience ranges from basic email forms to complex social media applications with GPS regional data plots for political districts and everything in between. All of this with no licensing fees or specialized server software.

content management systems

These systems allow you to edit, delete and add content to the Website without any coding knowledge. All of the editing is handled through an easy to use, password protected Web interface. You can control your site anywhere with access to a Web connection, and on any computer with a standard Web browser. Windows, Linux, Mac, even an iPhone can be used.

At Dragonfly, we utilize two CMS systems for clients; CMS Made Simple and Wordpress. Both are strong, efficient open source systems with great flexibility in design and custom functionality. Wordpress currently have one of the largest, most vast network of 3rd-party plug-ins of any CMS; allowing new functionality to be easily added. CMS Made single offers a strong, easy to use interface with fast, efficient processing and added security.

product management/eCommerce

If you want to sell it online, eCommerce will make it happen. This feature can be added to almost any existing Website, along with hundreds of features to support an all inclusive retail operation. New credit card requirements from Visa and MasterCard have raised the hosting and security standards. We have experience in this area, and can direct clients to best solutions for the budget.

To reduce the headaches and costs that eCommerce brings, we often recommend a hosted eCommerce solution to clients. This is where all of the store and back end processing happens on a software's servers; removing the responsibility of updates, patches and security requirements that credit card companies require. One of the best out there is Shopify, which offers strong design flexibility and numerous options and plug ins.

if you can think it, we can build it!

We've solved all sorts of development needs for our clients. Some ideas were based on existing code, others were completely new, unique projects. But no matter how complex or unproven, Web development is based on a piece of data in a database, and how to extract that data for a particular use.

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