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NERC: re-branding + site overhaul

A new public image and document management system.


The North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) is the organization set up by the electric generation industry for self regulation. Its purpose it to set the standards for all electrical generation and transmission throughout North America. Because of new government regulations, NERC now needed to take on the role of public spokesperson for the industry in times of concern.


A new branding image was needed to reflect NERCs public mission. There was also an urgent need to develop a dynamic legacy system of rules and regulations. The re-branding needed to appeal to various audiences such as government regulators, politicians, news media and the general public. A professional and reassuring image would gain the trust of the intended audience. Without that support, the industry might fall under tighter control by the Federal government.


Dragonfly needed to perform two tasks simultaneously. Establish a new visual image for the corporation and develop a dynamic document management tool for regulations and reports that NERC needed to make public.

The new Website was to be the main repository for hundreds of NERC's regulations and reports, many currently in various formats such as PSD, Excel, PowerPoint and Word. In addition, hundreds of existing reports were being manually linked and updated and had no search or relationship database in place.

The documents needed to be indexed with various categories and department tags and be mass searched. This organization was all new, and was being developed during the this project.

Mid-project, we were presented with a huge technical change: The system needed to run on their internal Windows servers vs. an outside dedicate Linux machine. This change did not extend the project deadline.


Dragonfly developed various concept boards for a new, high-tech, corporate image. These concepts were designed to work together and could easily adapt to various online, presentations, and print communication pieces. This gave NERC cohesive branding that elevated the professionalism of the company's communication efforts with the general public.

We also developed a dynamic document management system for the Website. Admins can now log- in and upload new reports, specify the proper categories, add notes, and other key information to each document in the system. This system allowed documents to be searched in multiple ways, such as region, industry and need.

To make the mass indexing of these documents effective, we purchased and set up a Google search appliance. This server appliance resided on their internal network, and made the search and index process fast and efficient. This also raised the level of security, as all indexing was done on their internal network.

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