What our clients say ;)

"Dragonfly brings a fresh design perspective, while adhering to our branding guidelines. It's clear from the start that they take the time to research and understand our complex products"

Jessica Bott
Product Manager


who we are

the right mix of

targeted design +

creative technology




so what makes us different?


hard-hitting design: Web, online advertising, print, trade-show, social media, traditional ads, yeah, we've done all that. But real-world design solutions? We'll let our portfolio speak to that.

technology know-how: Technologies that push the creative envelope such as PHP, jQuery, HTML5, CSS, and Flash (Animate).

been there, done that: This year, we celebrate our 16th year in business; an eternity by Web standards. Before Dragonfly, we've logged 10 years at other agencies. Pushing pixels well before the Web was even a known marketing tool.

big agency ideas, small agency service: At Dragonfly, you won't find multiple levels of management, backed by endless fees. Our small size allows us to be hands-on with every client, delivering a level of service that few can match. This is all backed with over 15 years experience in the design and technology business.

diversified industry experience: Exposure to different businesses, industries, and audiences gives us a strong advantage as designers. It helps us bring unique ideas to your project along with fresh thoughts on business solutions.

adapting with the web: We've seen trends come and go. We know what happens when clients follow them, and when they don't. Adapting to the ever-changing online world requires experience and flexibility. We learn what's new and remember the stuff that came before. Combined with our marketing experience, we give our clients the advice they need to make informed choices.

Web design agency in NJNeed to know more about us? Then learn more about what we do, or check out our online portfolio.




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