What our clients say ;)

"Their team made it a point to understand the product, and ensured that it was consistent with the fundamental aspects of our system. They listened to our comments - and made sure that each design worked on and off line. It was a pleasure dealing with Dragonfly. "

Dr. Eric Glover,

development process

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phase 3: develop

Production is often the most time consuming stage of a Web project. It involves all of the necessary tasks to develop the final pages, such as coding, graphic production, copywriting, and back-end Web development. The larger the project, the more time is required.

At this level, the client can be involved in many ways. Approval phases will be set up for production templates and major sections. If we're developing new content, an approval plan will be in place to review the pages being written. This can be as simple as obtaining the latest product information or developing original copy. We will manage the flow of content in an effective, time efficient manner that keeps the project on schedule and on budget.PHP Web development design

Establishing the right imagery is key to the production process. Many Website projects require us to work with a client's existing library of product and marketing images. At times, photography is required for a new product or to replace existing low quality images. Dragonfly works with local photographers to capture quality images. Our experience in managing photo shoots helps get the best results from each photo session.

Another major production item is back-end Web development, which includes content management systems, database development, e-commerce, etc. While these systems constitute a major production effort on our end, most client involvement at this stage is reserved for reviewing the final work. Some custom systems require back and forth feedback as the functionality comes to life.

When needs go beyond some turn key systems, we'll develop custom modules or complete back-end systems. These are typically for clients that require a level of flexibility to adapt to their specific needs. Costs are higher, and production schedules are longer, but the results are incomparable. Custom solutions also add greater flexibility down the road without being locked in to a turn-key package.


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