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"Their team made it a point to understand the product, and ensured that it was consistent with the fundamental aspects of our system. They listened to our comments - and made sure that each design worked on and off line. It was a pleasure dealing with Dragonfly. "

Dr. Eric Glover,

website launch

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phase 4: launch

We often involve clients in the testing stage to work out any issues that come up with the final site. Improvements are made to the content, as the site is reviewed in its final form. This stage also involves some automated processes, such as checking links and file locations. For larger sites with higher budgets, we would involve a third party company to conduct usability testing in a controlled environment.

Proofreading is a necessary part of the final testing stage. Client are involved in a final read through before the site is transferred to a live server.

There is a considerable amount of technical testing with any new back-end system created for a site. This involves putting the systems through user testing such as entering and retrieving data on a regular basis. Any technical bugs are reported and corrected during this phase, and usability issues are addressed. Visual testing is performed across Windows and Macintosh platforms and across Microsoft and Firefox browsers.

We will manage the transfer of domain names and/or transferring files and accounts from any testing servers to live servers. All final links are re-checked on the live server along with the testing of back-end systems and server e-mail functionality.

Registering the site with the major search engines and appropriate business directories is the final step. We also set up Google Analytics accounts to monitor traffic, which is also used for online advertising such as AdWords.


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