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"Their team made it a point to understand the product, and ensured that it was consistent with the fundamental aspects of our system. They listened to our comments - and made sure that each design worked on and off line. It was a pleasure dealing with Dragonfly. "

Dr. Eric Glover,

website marketing

Plan :: Design :: Develop :: Launch :: Market

phase 5: market the Website

Building a great Website doesn't guarantee visitors. Even a site that's properly optimized for search engines can still have a tough time against more established Websites. It takes a successful marketing campaign to really get the word out on a company or product.

Marketing is critical to the success of a Website. We can help with increasing site traffic through other sources such as online ad banner campaigns, keyword advertising, PR and new print media. Companies with newer Websites tend to believe that all of their Web traffic will come from Google searches. Unless you have a very unique business or product, you can easily be up against thousands of Websites on Google. The days of secret search engine tricks are over, and most Website developers already have them in place. This leaves traditional and online marketing as the only true method of bringing quality traffic to your Website.

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