website branding design


UX/UI + WEBSITE design & production


  • Joint product launch between Sprint and cable carriers Comcast, Time-Warner and Cox.

  • Was brought in to design & develop a beta user testing site for a new cellular/cable TV integration service
  • Site needed to be designed to look consumer, with marketing content to attract internal beta testers
  • Developed HTML email designs and a micro-site to attract users
  • Goal was to attract 1,200 beta testers in various user level categories, which we succeeded
  • Developed planing, wireframes, and flow charts for the testing site
  • Designed a quick branding effort and all Web interface pages for development
  • Managed the custom development of the back end for the user management and data collection.
  • Entire project from planing to launch was completed in under 45 days (on schedule)

Landing page for email campaign:

Beta testing Website for users:

Flowchart for data collection processes:

UX for site administrator: